Riding the rim to save America's wetlands

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What is the "Rim"?

The perimeter of the lower 48 United States consists of 6053 miles of coastline and 6055 miles of land. I will follow, as closely as navigable roads allow, the perimeter of the US as I travel through 30 States, 7 Canadian Provinces and Mexico. Although the official distance around the perimeter is 12,108 miles, I estimate that the total trip will include approximately 16,000 miles of travel  All on a motorcycle ... All to bring awareness about the plight of our wetlands and coastline. (states outlined red are on Terry's route)


The Initial Route that Terry Will be Taking

Starting on April, 21 he will head west from Louisiana into Texas. Hugging the boarder with Mexico he will head towards New Mexico and then into Arizona before turning north into California. Continuing a northerly direction, Terry will travel into the states of Oregon and Washington and turn east towards Idaho, Montana and after passing through North Dakota and Minnesota he will enter Wisconsin. Continuing east, he will travel through Michigan, Ohio, into New York and then travel north into New Hampshire. Entering Canada, his route will take into Quebec and then east into the state of Maine. Turning south Terry will take a steady course down the eastern seaboard towards Florida. This southerly route will end at Key West, FL as Terry turns north once again and heads west back towards Louisiana with an arrival date in early July. (Click on map to see mileage markers)

Post Ride Note: I was able to follow my planned route with only a few deviations. Most changes were weather related. As I left Wisconsin heading back to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan high winds and the threat of tornados forced me to take a ferry across Lake Michigan. Heavy rains and high winds once again diverted me in Nova Scotia, Canada and I was unable to ride the fabled Cabot Trail, perhaps next trip! Although the official mileage around the "Rim" is 12,108 miles we knew going into the trip that I would put on some extra miles. I had anticipated a total mileage of around 15,500 which came in very close to the actual of 16,500.

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