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Riding The Rim - The Book

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About The Book:

Riding the Rim is one man’s response to the catastrophic events in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. The wetlands had been disappearing at an ever-increasing rate over fifty years. America’s demand for oil combined with a mismanaged levee system had finally dealt a mortal blow to the defenses of New Orleans. The city lay open to the wrath of a 20 foot wall of tidal surge. We could not let this happen again. Little was being done. It was important that someone step up.


Someone did. The audacious idea was that a guy on a motorcycle, traveling 16,500 miles around the perimeter of the United States, talking about coastal erosion just might call attention to the issue. If this rider was also a trained public speaker with a passion for his message, perhaps he could be the catalyst needed to raise awareness in the rest of the country. There was no way to predict success. There was risk as well as reward. The author took the risk and discovered a nation genuinely concerned for New Orleans but with little understanding of the importance of the wetlands to the country’s economy and security. The wetlands are still endangered, but one man stepped up and made his voice heard. This is his story.


On every journey with a purpose, the unexpected is the norm. This trip was no different. Along the way there was terror, beauty, and lessons to be shared.


“No one is ever prepared for the kind of evacuation that was underway. Supplies of food and water had been stripped from store shelves. That was not too bad. We could go hungry. The vehicles that were our means of escape could not. Gas was already getting scarce. As I looked at the inching line of cars ahead and behind me, I started to realize that this was the real deal.” — Running from Katrina


“The scent of fir trees filled the hollows and bright purple plants sprung out at us when we crested an incline.  This was sensory overload in the highest degree! I glanced over to Rob and we laughed. We both felt like kings; tooling down a great road, taking in fantastic sights, with no one to answer to but ourselves. It’s good to be the king!” — On the Pacific Coast Highway


“I told how the wetlands had been gradually disappearing over the years due to salt water intrusion from the Gulf of Mexico. It was a slow and insidious assault caused by both oil exploration and the building of levees on the Mississippi River to control flooding. I was quick to point out that the finger of blame lay with no one individual, organization, or corporation. It was a general misunderstanding of the natural processes creating wetlands that had contributed to their eventual destruction.” — Meeting with the Media

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